The new SEAT Ibiza 2016

Useful information about SEAT Ibiza 2016 can be found in this article. What can fans expect from SEAT Ibiza 2016, primarily innovative technologies, new more powerful engine and additional safety systems.

The new chassis brings additional comfort on the road, where yourself: if you upload new car in Spain. SEAT Ibiza is known for its compact size, its relatively low price for its class cars and dynamic exterior design.

Renovated interior suggests a class and build quality of the Spanish car. All said so far can be sure if you look at the picture gallery shown in the article. Actually this is the most successful model of the SEAT produce in recent years.

Besides the high efficiency and economy of the engine, SEAT Ibiza 2016 has a high safety factor and relatively low CO2 emissions per kilometer. Bookmark and Share

SEAT Ibiza 2016 photo gallery

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New safety systems SEAT Ibiza 2016

A total of about 5 million cars SEAT Ibiza sold as preference for this model are young women and drivers because of the small size. Management is very easy, and new technologies are available for the driver and passengers.

Exclusive solutions from Samsung can be seen on the dashboard. Spanish car has signed a contract with Samsung, which offers all the additional control is via voice commands, which facilitates the work of the driver.

Are installed SEAT ConnectApp, SAMSUNG Galaxy A3 and integrated MirrorLink - this is the concept of the future, according to Rick Segal - Vice President of Enterprise Business Team. This is all done to allow the driver of the car to maintain full concentration on the road. The exterior design has small changes compared with previous modifications, but was well received by potential customers.

For example, new headlights with LED daytime running lights and 16 and 17 inch rims give the car a sporty look. Significantly improved interior design, high functionality and precision workmanship of every detail and surface enjoys the eyes of new customers SEAT Ibiza 2016.

Early warning system for driver drowsiness and multi functional system against severe collision, which automatically applies the brakes and includes emergency lights. New generation engines will delight lovers of the Spanish car. Economical, but at the same time agile engines with an average fuel consumption of 4.1 liters per 100 kilometers for power 95 hp and 94 grams per kilometer emissions CO2.

New generation electrical control system, shock absorbers, stabilizer bars help the sports suspension SEAT Ibiza 2016. In addition there are four sensor monitoring that help to park the car in the city.

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