Unique car Range Rover Sport 2014

Immediately after the release of the new Range Rover Sport, some car experts saw his great resemblance to the 2013 Ford Flex. Especially in the design of the headlights and front rounded shapes. Do not know if this is a coincidence or whether a new version aerodynamics, but it can be too much progress on the car from a design perspective. Range Rover Sport is a unique car in its sigment of Sports SUV, especially with regard to soundproofing. It is achieved by the angle of the front laminated glass pan, which is slightly elongated in order to achieve an aerodynamic profile of the front side. Thus air resistance is reduced by 8%, and thus less fuel consumption. Range Rover Sport is a super luxury SUV from the new generation, which is the third option after the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover. Unlike previous models, Range Rover Sport is slightly longer (62 mm), and its length is 4850 mm and wheelbase I also slightly higher with 178 mm., And 55 mm lower. Sculpted to perfection forms the front and especially the hood and grille and side horizontal lines show the modern design of the model. Range Rover Sport has a low center of gravity, which achieves a more balanced driving on the road. Bookmark and Share

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Range Rover Sport with new aerodynamics

Let's continue with the interior, which is very modern with a pronounced sporty appearance. Used are very classy materials in the manufacture of the cockpit, and this in a rather plain version. Special attention was paid to passengers traveling in the rear. The luxurious interior is defined by the very good performance of the internal lining. The materials are very classy and give very dynamic appearance of the car as a whole. Each client is approached individually, offered various embodiments, such as diversity of colors, interior finishes, exterior paint finishes, design alloy wheels, which can be 19, 20, 21 inches and more. Posture Range Rover Sport on the road is achieved by better stability of the chassis and the inclusion of new management systems such as Adaptive Dynamics systems and Dynamic Respons. In general the car is designed as off-road SUV, but with the agility, it is ideal for on-road driving. When turning the car is very stable thanks to the new Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), which monitors the load on each wheel. If the vehicle accelerates during cornering, using sensors to monitor the vehicle understeer. Torque on the driven wheels is transferred to the wheels opposite the bend, which in this case have a better grip and correct skidding. Another innovative technology is Command Driving Position (CDP), which provides confidence and control the path of the Range Rover Sport. The all-new car has all in IT technologies starting from 12-inch high-resolution display, which you can keep track of everything you need for navigation. Perhaps the most interesting innovations are the different modes of the Range Rover Sport, depending on the road surface. Development on a small team of specialists is called Terrain Response system. Here the driver can manually choose: Grass / Gravel / Snow, General, Mud / Ruts, Rock Crawl and Sand. This system ensures the best setup of the car depends on the settings of the engine, gearbox and differential and of course mount the chassis to the road to get optimum height.

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