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Backlog of Mercedes E200 in model Estate is obvious and should take urgent steps to catch up quickly to competitors from Audi RS and BMW 520i. The new Mercedes E-class unless the price is a bit higher than competitors can enjoy more space, especially in the luggage compartment.

Mercedes E200 offers quality and precision workmanship in the interior and exterior.  Under the hood of the Mercedes E200 T has 2.0 liters engine with 184 hp  and torque of 300nm.

This luxury car burns 139 g / km harmful CO2 emissions and covers European standard EU6, which will be introduced in 2015. Mercedes E200 has first turbo engine in the world to re-circulate exhaust gases under high pressure, and bolus injection mixture.

In this way there is a decline fuel consumption. Since the weight of the car is quite large, there is a certain clumsiness in recruiting, especially when climbing. Bookmark and Share

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Mercedes E 200 - classic with lots of space

In other words, the dashboard Mercedes E200 reaches 225 km / h, but in practice is 220 km / h and it is quite difficult. With regard to comfort, Mercedes E200 T is completely air-suspension and has two options for its adjustment.

The car relies on the comfortable and sporty driving mode and 7-speed automatic transmission. Gears shift smoothly and it's a real pleasure for the passenger cabin to travel long distances. For convenient navigation and other commands on the dashboard has a 7-inch color monitor, however, is already outdated.

Best Estate Mercedes E200

Maximum default speed is 185 km / h and accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 11.9 seconds . Overall Skoda Superb Combi stands very well on the road, has 5 speed manual transmission , though at times when climbing steep road does not reach power the car and have to switch to a lower gear .

In Mercedes E200 T driver feels like in the control room, everything is in front of him. There is a lovely view through the panoramic windscreen and convenient navigation system. An extra charge can be purchased with LED headlights, heated front seats, air conditioning and a modern navigation system. Technical characteristics of the Mercedes E200 T are not negligible.

Tires are 17 inch, rear-drive is, the average fuel consumption is relatively low 6 liters per 100 km. Warranty against corrosion is 30 years. On test drive Mercedes E200 T accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 9 seconds, the noise inside the car at 50 km / h 57 dB SPL but at 100 km / h is 65 DB.

If you are ready to buy a station wagon car, the Mercedes E200 is your option. An amazing family car for long journeys that holds a lot of luggage, a comfortable ride and fuel consumption is relatively small. Of course the price is also quite high, depending on the desired extras she is over 50 000. Yet it was a Mercedes right?

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