Mercedes C W205 first in its class

In 2014 in Detroit forthcoming new Mercedes C W205 with full sporty design that has become a tradition in the C-Class. German brand relies on intelligent electronics and more assistance systems. These systems help to greater security of Mercedes C W205 over competitors in this class Audi RS and BMW 520i. This luxury sports car will have a 360 degree surveillance cameras located in different parts of the body, as well as a radar for long-range radar and two close range.

Mercedes C W205 is 10 cm longer than the Mercedes CLA and manage the sport. Recent studies have shown that customers prefer so famous emblem of Mercedes, which stands on the lid is already grille. 70% of fans want model Mercedes Avantgarte have a badge on the radiator grille.

Full top equipment Mercedes C W205 is Exclusive Line and seemingly interior is perfect. Another design feature is the reduced weight of the cockpit, and increased the proportion of aluminum by 48% at the expense of steel. This does not mean that the strength characteristics of a collision are reduced. On the contrary, the fact that aluminum has a higher percentage does not prevent develop high strength steels under high temperature. Bookmark and Share

Mercedes C W205 photo gallery

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Luxury limousine Mercedes C W205

Exactly they are used in all bearing parts of the body, and aluminum castings under high pressure is in the front and rear boots damping, and the front and back cover and doors are made ​​of aluminum.

All this reduces the weight of the car by 100 kilograms - hence reducing fuel consumption by up to 20% and increases agility.

The center of gravity moves a few millimeters and becomes lower, which is an important indicator of performance.

The back cover is a strongly curved edge to monitor the overall aerodynamics of the Mercedes C W205. Particular attention is paid to the interior. The central console is integrated touchpad that is quite easy navigation and usability.

Technical characteristics of the Mercedes C W205

Mercedes designers have not altered his handwriting , in keeping with the vision of the previous models , namely gentle gradients on the dashboard without joints, round vents and more. Wheel is bevelled in its lower part , and on the right it has a 7- inch monitor, which is not embedded, that some skilled report it as a disadvantage. Another important innovation is GPS based detection of tunnels and adaptive airbags. Running the C- Class Mercedes is standard engine W250, which meets the EU6 emission . It is envisaged that after the 2015 Mercedes C- Class to be Plug-in hybrid and can be recharged with electricity outlet.

The highly technological equipment of Mercedes C W205 can we add 9-speed automatic transmission. Besides economical option Mercedes come with six-cylinder engines and V-shaped available. Planned with a 300 HP petrol and one diesel with 250 hp.

The new Mercedes C W205 limousine is fitted with 4Matic drive system on all four wheels. These options will not seek Mercedes ecology and attract more affluent customers to please their requirements. For Mercedes C W205 is important to first in its class in terms of ride comfort.

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