New modification Mercedes-Benz GLC

In the summer of 2016 will show the latest model Mercedes-Benz GLC. This is the second generation SUV medium class Mercedes-Benz with high energy efficiency and excellent safety. Fuel consumption is reduced by 20% as compared with the previous modefikatsiya and has air suspension with multi-name AIR BODY CONTROL.

In dynamic mode Mercedes-Benz GLC work separately all wheels, making the car sporty and passengers feel comfortable. This is a new step for the improvement of an SUV models as a whole in the automotive industry. Classic off-roader with a clean design, very similar to modern SUVs like interior space. Technical features however do substantially inferior to modern SUV.

From the outside design can direct your attention to the three-dimensional grille and in the middle of course the logo of Mercedes. The headlamps are adorned with LED lights, LED Lights that form and give the car a confident appearance. The bumpers are available in three varieties, but take the base price. Customer can choose armor off-road or for sporty driving. Bookmark and Share

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Mercedes-Benz GLC second generation SUV

The wheel base has been increased by 118 mm, thus increasing the overall gauge of the vehicle. Horizontally arranged muscular shoulders, which end cleverly rear lights add to the overall sense of perfect design.

The interior is also impressive. Luxury combined with comfort are just some of the sporting design of the interior layout. Let me mention the increased interior space of Mercedes-Benz GLC and greater opportunities for the deployment of passenger luggage. Good atmosphere combined with leather and sporty design is a hallmark of Mercedes-Benz GLC. Moderate luxury meticulously finished details and a glass roof that increases light in the cabin are just some of the surprises that you have prepared engineers of Mercedes. Dynamics, agility and control are technical indicators that engine will impress you. Low levels of CO2 and 5 driving programs:

sports, ECO, comfort, SPORT +, individual settings are part of the options of this latest model Mercedes-Benz GLC. Each prospective client can choose his SUV according to personal preference, we must be noted which features are coming to the main equipment. We start counting with Cross-Traffic Assist, the latest generation Active Blind Spot Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist and PRE-SAFE® PLUS. Has reduced noise and vibration in the cabin at high speeds the car.

Let me also mention the fact that Mercedes-Benz GLC is a hybrid car model. In electric mode, the internal combustion engine stays off and the whole opportunity comes from the electric motor. He is silent and accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.9 seconds. If the driver stops the car to assess electrically, the braking energy is stored in accumulators and can be used at some future time.

With this extended time to recharge the batteries. Think for pedestrians, because the occurrence of road triggered warning system BAS PLUS.

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