New generation Kia Ceed 2016

Detailed comprehensive upgrade of the most popular South Korean car Kia Ceed 2016 have prepared engineers and designers. A model with strong positions in Europe and America in recent years. Exciting new look with a wide range of models and engines, updated interior and exterior.

There are several innovations in the field of safety and comfort in all models hatchback, three-door pro-ceed and Sportswagon.

Kia Ceed GT Line is a conventional version sports a modern look. Bold, elegant style with a series of visual modifications to the exterior, tapering forward to the front grille resembling the mouth of the tiger and integrated fog lamps. About dark lights have chrome trim, wider front bumper oval and stylish 16- and 17-inch alloy wheels.

Overall shape of the cabin is unchanged, but there are a number of subtle improvements to the interior, which is a sign of the modern type of car. Bookmark and Share

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Major highlights of Kia Ceed 2016

The dashboard is made of special material which is gloss black and coverage against possible scratches.

Other chrome lines are monitored around the gear lever, the central vents, door handles and a navigation screen. In sports seats is built braided suede coat type RECARO. The diesel version is completely noise-dampening low vibration, thanks to new sound-absorbing materials.

Such materials have around the engine block. The new direct injection system and reduce friction in the engine leads to less fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions to 102 g / km. The driver can count on faster ccm with a traditional automatic transmission. Introduced are many changes in the suspension of the chassis to enhance driving comfort.

Cornering stability is guaranteed by the new system of partial braking of the inner wheel. Systems were introduced to a new generation of security: Blind Spot Detection - monitored by sensors the distance to other vehicles and shows the driver via audible and visual signal.

Such a system is Rear Cross Traffic Alert. Like most new cars produced in the last 10 years and has Kia Ceed 2016 Smart Parking Assist System. The main information is sent to the driver via 7.0-inch display.

There are also available DAB digital radio, multimedia information services and others. Average acceleration from 0-100 km / h in 8 seconds and the security which gives the manufacturer is 160 thousand kilometers aprobeg or seven years. Much of the Kia Ceed 2016 is produced in Zilina, Slovakia.

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