Amazing design of CitroenC4 Picasso

French auto giant introduced its new VAN CitroenC4 Picasso 2014. This car differs from competitive family car such as Kia Soul  with bold design and aggressive front. There is to form the front LED lights that are for daily driving and stand above the main beam of the car.

If we look at the side car will impress large panoramic windscreen and three-dimensional graphics taillights. The rear lights have 3D vision and perfectly acceptable for tailgate of the car.

An interesting detail is reduced in length by 40 mm, which did not affect the total luggage compartment and space for passengers. Length is 4.43 m, width 1.83 m and height 1.61 m, and the total luggage space is 630 liters - enough to pack up a family of four.

Another innovation is the angle adjustment of the rear seats. The designers of this luxury car CitroenC4 Picasso thought about the driver taking him with large panoramic glass sunroof, to feel as comfortable drive. Bookmark and Share

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Amazing design CitroënC4
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CitroenC4 Picasso - behavior and comfort on the road

Dashboard can be noted beautiful screen 7-inch touchscreen, which is controlled by air conditioning, telephone and satellite navigation system.

Of assistance systems can add radar-based cruise control and Assist lane changing. This is not included with the base model and is an extra charge.

High Tech serving CitroenC4 Picasso

Other support systems is Park Assis, it helps the driver to park the car in heavy urban environments, even in reverse, as the driver depends only throttle and braking. High-tech CitroenC4 Picasso continued with active cruise control, which is a radar sensor on the front bumper of the car and warns the recommended distance with the car moving in front.

The signal from this sensor acting gas supply and the brake, in order to slow down the speed. All this is done for the safety of passengers in CitroenC4 Picasso and their comfortable journey. Think for weight CitroenC4 Picasso, who weighs 140 kg less otpredishniyat model CitroenC3.

This leads to 1 liter less fuel per 100 kilometers. For example you can give 90 hp diesel engine with an automatic gearbox, which consumes 3.8 liters per 100km and emissions of 98 grams, which is quite an achievement for such van. New CitroënC4 Picasso managed very easily, because it has a low center of gravity and relatively light weight, which is a perfect balance provided by the stable suspension damping. Other innovations include: electric power steering, dual acoustic pad on the rear axle and it's based on the new platform EMP2.

And finally we can mention the latest technology - Intelligent Traction Control and Electronic system to improve tire grip the road surface. Of all praise written here, you may conclude that CitroënC4 Picasso is very safe family car that silent hell you down even in extreme conditions. Vehicle engine has been tested to withstand 2.5 million kilometers.

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