Luxury family car BMW 316i 2014

BMW 316i 2014 Sedan is a classic 2 +2 seating for passengers in this super luxury car. Does not need much explanation why families prefer exactly BMW 316i 2014, as the place of the rear seats is not enough even if you sit higher people.

Not accidentally, according to experts BMW 316i 2014 is the best car in the middle class. Another typical comfort BMW 316i 2014 is easy exit and entry of passengers when it is not needed further flexibility for the body for that to happen. Precisely for this reason people prefer BMW 316i 2014 to Mercedes CLA. Furthermore, BMW 316i 2014 has a large side windows, more space for legs and heads of the people and the trunk is 470 liters, enough if you ask me.

In this super luxury sedan also has a knee airbag for rear passengers, folding versions in rear seats and wide security equipment. From the perspective of the functionality of the management of the controllers and the infotainment becomes a truly exemplary fashion.Bookmark and Share

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Reliable and functional BMW 316i 2014

Another important feature of BMW 316i 2014 is triobemnata tail and larger holes for the rear doors. Makes an impression snappy departure BMW 316i thanks to the shorter transmission ratios and a smooth reaching maximum speed of 215 km / h.

Another pleasant surprise is the sport suspension that rides very well, which in no way affects the vehicle dynamics. BMW 316i stands well on curves and bumps in the road. In other words BMW 316i 2014 is easy to manage, because responding very well to the characteristics of the road.

Equipment of BMW 316i 2014

The weight of the car is evenly distributed between the axles and the center of gravity is lower, which immediately leads to better aerodynamics and reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Very sporty spirit will find in BMW 316i 2014 and will not be fooled. It's your car!

Bayern offer many extras starting with Head up display, adjustable suspension and 360 degree cameras. Everything said here BMW 316i offers many interior space, comfort and sport - 3 in 1 right? Lovely family car with an overview of interior and quiet operation of the engine, which occupies the happy medium between sports performance and road safety.

Of technical indicators can mention acceleration from 0-100 km / h in 9.7 seconds, 4 cylinder turbo engine, 6-speed transmission, rear-wheel drive, disc brakes front and rear and 5.9 liters per 100 km average fuel consumption , which corresponds to 137 g / km harmful CO2 emissions.

The dimensions of BMW 316i 2014 : length 4.62 m, width 1.81 m and height 1.43 m. The equipment of the base model BMW 316i includes autonomous air conditioning, radio with CD player, navigation, xenon headlights, rear view camera and Sport / Line equipment.

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